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How to Ramp Up Your Career as Fresh Graduate

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Kick-starting a career as a fresh graduate is nerve-racking, especially with a lack of in-depth understanding of the working and commercial environment. Having peers’ advice will benefit your understanding of the role, yet nothing beats the firsthand involvement in a real business environment.

Many companies or organizations offer short-term work opportunities for students or graduates to close this gap between studying and working.

An internship could allow students to make connections that land their first jobs out of college. In view of this gap, companies or organizations in the market implement internship programs that offer comprehensive professional development and cultural immersion to nurture the next generations.

An internship may be an option to prepare for your career

An internship is an excellent way to prepare for your career. Through internship placement, students can turn theoretical concepts into practical experience in a professional setting at the workplace.

Not to mention the interpersonal skills, an internship can sharpen one's soft skills training such as problem solving, communications and organization skills, and teamwork.

A summer internship duration is typically 10 to 12 weeks. Some interns may get an exciting opportunity with a full-time job right after graduation.

What challenges may an intern face?

As an intern and a new joiner in an organization, every intern faced similar challenges. Be prepared. The following attributes are all you need.

You learn the theoretical concepts from college studies, but the actual business process might differ. Most graduates are afraid of asking questions. However, this is a learning process. Communication is always a quick win for acquiring knowledge and skills, and employers appreciate it.

Being new to the commercial world gives you a new perspective in learning corporate culture and practice. It is normal for interns to take time to understand and settle in. Mentors should engage colleagues and schedule activities with interns for better bonding.

How does a corporate achieve win-win through internship programs?

Interns provide fresh perspectives and new ideas, which most organizations appreciate for mutual benefits. Companies treasure the energy and enthusiasm of these newcomers. Actual working experience allows you to apply the knowledge and develop a professional mindset to think out of the box but also helps put theories and standards into practice.

As a global leader of advanced technologies and solutions, TTM Technologies (“TTM”) knows how critical it is if an organization can support your career development. We believe individuals can learn through on-the-job training. Providing opportunities to our employees is one of our strategic objectives to nurture the next generation of technology and electronics industry leaders.

It is vital at the first step of a career for fresh graduates to join this valuable opportunity. They will benefit from gaining new insights and connecting with the industry.

What TTM’s Interns Say?

Gaohong, one of our interns in the 2020 program, shared, “TTM is a place where I can fully utilize my learned skills and capabilities. I can develop different skill sets with the advice from mentors, who guide and encourage me to bring new ideas and enhance my knowledge.”

“TTM has a relaxing and chill working environment. I can communicate with my supervisor and colleagues without hesitation.” Evan, another intern from Guangzhou, China, shared. Evan also added how nervous he was in the first two months assisting on an early stage of research and development project for a crucial customer of TTM. Still, he is now confident to take the initiative and apply his academic knowledge at TTM.

Sammi from our 2019 Engineering Intern in San Jose is excited to share, “Many factors like treating an intern as a full-fledged employee while encouraging our creativity, innovation, and autonomy. These show how effective the TTM internship program is in preparing young engineers for the real world and offer more than enough support to show why one should work here in the future. This company’s internship program is an excellent start in industry!”

Our managers and Human Resources officers take an active role by conducting a monthly one-on-one follow-up meeting with each individual to help them take a step further. We hope that this relationship can assist our newcomers in establishing transferable skills and enjoy the journey in TTM with confidence and ambition after graduation.

Your Next Opportunity with TTM

We know how exciting it will be when our interns are pursuing their careers. We are delighted to offer them a prosperous opportunity. With the success of our past programs, TTM will sustain our internship programs in the future.

TTM is honored to receive IPC Asia Talent Development Award from IPC Asia in 2021, which recognizes our internship programs in 2020, to continue nurturing the next generation of leaders in the electronics industries.

We will be visiting universities to meet more students, and we encourage you to grab this exciting opportunity before it is gone! Stay tuned with TTM’s social media updates and website announcements for more talent acquisition news. Don’t miss the chance if you would like to join our team!

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