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Customers and professional associations recognize our innovative solutions and exceptional customer service.


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Innovations (Patents)

Inspiring Innovation: It's Who We Are

TTM Technologies takes Inspiring Innovation seriously—it's not just a brand message; it's behind the way we conduct business every day. We are proud to be recognized as an industry leader. Every day, TTM is setting the pace for others, from customer satisfaction to quality systems management, to the intellectual property developed by our global talent network.

Driven by Customer Success & Performance Excellence

TTM values performance excellence; we take pride in being a trusted partner and supplier to our customers. We strive for on-time delivery, high quality, advanced technology solutions. Through collaborative, full lifecycle support, we achieve results that our customers can depend on, no matter the TTM location.

Adhering to Globally Recognized Systems of Quality Management & Compliance

Our global team uses reliable quality management systems and other best practices to ensure we can meet our customers' evolving needs. It's no wonder TTM is an industry leader when it comes to customer satisfaction and quality.

Innovations (Patents): Proudly Advancing Electronics Solutions to Better Serve Our Customers

TTM doesn't just have a global engineering team; we have a team of innovators changing the way we do business and setting the pace industry-wide. While our capabilities and comprehensive solutions portfolio set us apart, our intellectual property and innovative talent are critical to our business success.