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Signal Integrity Lab

State-of-the-Art Testing Capability, Material Characterization, and Process Validation

Signal Integrity Testing Expertise from TTM Technologies

Advanced test instruments and analysis methods are mandatory when measuring and verifying high-speed digital PCBs. TTM has multiple Signal Integrity Labs and Centers of Excellence across our global footprint

SI/RF Center of excellence @SYR-W, 110 GHz probing station in action.

How TTM's Signal Integrity Lab Enables Electronics Innovation

TTM’s Signal Integrity (“SI”) Labs are equipped with industry leading signal integrity (SI) characterization tools like high-end VNAs up to 110 GHz and related calibration software, analysis software, probe stations, etc. Together with an experienced SI engineering team, TTM SI Labs guarantee state-of-the-art level SI testing capability through material characterization and process validation to final product measurements. Our advanced 3D electromagnetic simulation tools enable precise characterization of materials and processes influence on electrical performance and high-speed digital channels characterization at finished PCBs.

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Signal Integrity

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