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Wireless Transceivers

Enabling Low-Power RF Capability Through Innovative, Cost-Effective Solutions.

Industry Leading Performance-to-Size Ratio

Wireless Transceivers

AIR modules are an elegant, cost-effective way to implement low-power RF capability. Whether your goal is enabling wireless connectivity for an existing product or developing a wireless product from the ground up, we offer industry-leading performance-to-size ratio. Our LR09A and LR09C are RED (Radio Equipment Directive) 2014/53/EU compliant.

Discover Our Wireless Transceiver Products
New Products
A sneak peek into the future of new product developments by the talented Radio Frequency & Specialty Components engineering team. Samples available.
RF&S New Products
AIR Antennas
Intended for applications where an embedded antenna module is not practical—such as a radio module mounted inside a shielded enclosure.
AIR for Proprietary RF
The TTM AIR module family includes several proprietary RF solutions.


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