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Integrated RF and Microwave Assemblies

High-Performance, Adaptable Solutions

Capability & Expertise to Deliver Advanced Solutions

Integrated microwave assemblies from deliver sophisticated integrated electronics for numerous platforms, ranging from digital RF memory ("DRFM") to frequency up/down converters ("UDC") and channelized amplifiers that can withstand the rugged environments of military and space applications.


Leverage TTM’s suite of vertically-integrated capabilities for the best in high-frequency microwave technologies.

We understand system-level requirements and often partner with our customers during specification development to optimize cost versus performance trade-offs. Over the past decade, our evolution of RF integrated design and development has focused on advancing manufacturing technologies that enable smaller footprints, increased RF performance, higher levels of functional integration, complex assembly robotics, and test automation software, and resulting in lower overall costs.

Whether designing in surface-mount technology, multilayer embedded-component PCBs, etched thick-film ceramic substrate modules, and low temperature cofired ceramics (“LTCC”), or integrating hermetic packages with monolithic microwave integrated circuits (“MMIC”) and chip-on-board fabrication techniques, TTM has a solution that can adapt to your requirements and offer the industry-leading performance.

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