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Thermal Management

Heat Dissipation Solutions to Ensure Durability and Performance in the Field.

Why Thermal Management?

Thermal management is essential to maintaining the component temperature within designed values by removing excess generated heat.

Thermal dissipation has dramatically increased due to higher frequencies, increased data rates, and high current required by inverters and motor drives used in electric vehicles ("EV") and solar applications. Compounded by increased component density, all require advanced thermal management techniques to provide reliable products and extended product life.

Thermal management, through various applications, aids in conducting heat away from heat-critical components to system heat sinks or ambient environments.

TTM Has Experience in a Variety of Applications Requiring Thermal Management Solutions

  • Power amplifiers
  • DC power supplies
  • Inverters
  • Power control systems
  • RF and microwave applications


  • Motor control modules 
  • Electric brake system 
  • Powertrain in EV
  • mmWave radar
  • Charging stations
  • Battery management


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data centers
  • 5G infrastructure  


  •  Lighting systems for automotive, industrial, and consumer markets


Embedded Copper Coin
Insulated Metal Substrate
Metal In-lay
E Coin Technology
Press Fit Coin (PFC) Technology

More About Thermal Management

TTM offers a wide range of thermal management types to include via farms, heatsinks/pallets, heatsink coins, embedded coins, e-coin, press-fit coin (PFC), metal in-lay, and solder or adhesive attach.

Additionally, TTMs' thermal management includes our patented embedded e-coin technology, heatsink, coin attachment capabilities, heatsink paste, heavy copper, and HDVP. Our expertise in RF & microwave is industry-leading.

Our global team of dedicated engineers has broad experience with diverse end-markets and applications; they offer design for manufacture guidance and stack-up reviews to find opportunities to improve reliability, manufacturability and save our customers time. It's no wonder TTM has been recognized by leading brands as a preferred supplier time and time again.

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