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Xinger® Components

TTM is a Leader in RF and Microwave Specialty Components With a Broad Product Portfolio

Market-leading Passive RF Solutions

Xinger® Components

TTM's proven lineup of multi-layer Xinger® brand products offers various passive RF components for wireless infrastructure and consumer electronics applications.

Discover Our Xinger® Product Line
New Products
A sneak peek into the future of new product developments by the talented Radio Frequency & Specialty Components engineering team. Samples available.
RF&S New Products
Differential Splitters
These Differential Splitters comprise of 2 isolated couplers and can be used for a wide variety of splitting and combining applications, along with their primary application as Differential Splitters.
Differential Splitters
[UPDATE] 90-Degree 3dB Hybrid Couplers
A four-port device for equally splitting input signals with a 90 degree phase shift between output ports.
Balun Transformers
Provide impedance transformation and convert unbalanced impedance to balanced impedance and vice versa.

Delay Lines
Ideal for amplifier linearization applications from 0.3 – 2.7 GHz.

Xinger-brand Delay Line component product image.
Directional Couplers 10dB to 30dB
Suitable for power and frequency detection applications and VSWR monitoring where low insertion loss is required.
Uneven Split Quadrature Couplers
Uneven split quadrature couplers are best in applications where minimal part-to-part variation is required, for application like Asymmetrical Doherty amplifiers.
Xinger-brand Directional Coupler 2dB to 5dB product image.
Doherty Combiners
Low-impedance, surface-mountable, ideal for high-power handling, and excellent wideband performance from 700 to 2700 MHz.
Phase Shifters
TTM's phase shifters provide high-performance, low insertion loss, and require less amplification and lower power.

Phase shifters
Power Dividers
Easy-to-use, surface-mount package that is ideal for high-volume manufacturing.

Xinger-brand Power Divider product image.
RF Crossovers
Cost-effective, surface-mountable, and available in frequencies ranging up to 81 GHz.

Xinger-brand RF Crossover product image.

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