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TTM Provides Advanced Technology Solutions for RF and Microwave Applications As Well As Printed Circuit Board Production Expertise. Trust TTM.

TTM Provides Inspired Technology Solutions and PCB Manufacturing for Diverse Industries

TTM Provides Inspired Technology Solutions and PCB Manufacturing for Diverse Industries

Printed Circuit Boards

RF and Specialty Components

RF and Microwave

Signal Integrity


System Integration

Engineering and Design

TTM focuses on delivering values and quality for our customers

Products that provide more features and improved performance drive specialty component development, PCB technology, and PCB manufacturing processes. Many of the exciting technologies on which we rely are made possible through the miniaturization of components and ever-increasing circuit density on the PCB.

TTM's focus on providing seamless, one-stop, advanced technology manufacturing solutions provides value to customers across important high-growth markets. Our strategic focus on fast-growing markets, together with our reputation for supporting customers with performance excellence through our global footprint of highly capable facilities in North America and Asia Pacific, has enabled us to generate strong sales growth as we continue to invest in the talent and equipment to meet the evolving needs of our innovative customer-base.

Focused Supply Chain and Material Set

Our focused procurement teams have in-depth knowledge and relationships with top material suppliers specific to each market. By doing so, TTM creates uninterrupted material flows to our facilities and a deeper understanding of our customers' product needs.

Dedicated Manufacturing

Our factory sites are tailored to meet the precise demands of specific markets. Production floor management and critical equipment sets are designed for specific product types within each market sector.

Expert Engineering

Our expert engineering staff adapts specific processes to meet the demanding needs of critical customer applications. Whether it is a high speed, ultra low-loss, signal integrity, Conductive Anodic Filament (CAF), or thermal solutions, our dedicated staff of experts provides solutions specific to each market sector.

Skilled Program Management

TTM's teams of highly experienced program managers bring critical components together. Our dedicated specialists possess comprehensive knowledge of technologies and fundamental requirements of specific markets