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Resistive Components

Designed With Today’s Higher-Power, Compact Commercial Equipment Systems in Mind.

High Power and High-Frequency Stability

Standard Resistive Components

Our commercial resistive products are designed with today’s higher-power, more compact equipment systems in mind. TTM leverages unique product design and manufacturing techniques to achieve advantages in high-volume applications.

Discover Our Resistive Components
Attenuators - Chip
Our low-cost chip attenuators high-reliability-tested products and feature small, lightweight packaging, as well as broad frequency response.
Attenuators - SMD
Surface mount device (SMD) attenuators designed for maximum quality, accuracy, and reliability.

SMD Attenuator
Terminations - Chip
Ideal for applications that demand high-power capability.

Terminations - Flanged
Flanged terminators are high-power, mountable devices that are suitable for the most demanding applications.
Terminations - Flangeless
Our flangeless terminators are designed for the best possible heat transfer as a result of being soldered directly to the heat sink.

Terminations - SMD
Our terminations feature high frequency and high stability in a small, compact design.


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