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RF and Microwave

Advanced Technology PCBs, Components, and Engineered Solutions for RF and Microwave Reliant Applications

Industry-leading RF and Microwave Expertise and Solutions

TTM is a leading global designer and manufacturer of high-frequency RF and microwave microelectronics, components, and assemblies for the space, defense, automotive, medical, and telecommunications sectors.

Our high-performance and high-reliability design solutions, combined with our automated manufacturing processes and leading-edge PCB and ceramic substrate technologies, have proven to be industry-leading in applications such as Air and Missile Defense Radar ("AMDR") and Long-Range Discrimination Radar (LRDR) from leading defense contractors with whom TTM has long-term relationships. TTM's high-performance microwave assemblies utilize the combined capabilities from our multiple defense facilities providing contractors with cost-effective solutions and timely production rates. TTM is a top supplier for aerospace and defense industries.


TTM has off-the-shelf and custom components and manufacturing solutions for leading-edge commercial applications.  TTM has broad experience ranging from automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems ("ADAS") that rely on long- and short-range radar, as well as LiDAR to provide 360-degree views of a vehicle to mm-Wave applications for 5G connectivity and communications. We are a supplier ready to deliver complex, life-critical technology for medical applications, especially with our unique, industry-leading ceramics capabilities and product offerings.


Learn More About RF and Microwave Solutions from TTM Technologies

Learn More About RF and Microwave Solutions from TTM Technologies

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