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Signal Integrity

We Develop Optimized Material and Process Solutions to Ensure Final Product Electrical Performance

Signal Integrity Expertise From TTM Technologies

TTM experts help customer designers take material and fabrication process influences on signal integrity (SI) into consideration early in the design phase to enable successful product implementation.

Leverage Our Suite of PCB, Component, and RF Solutions to Meet Your Electrical Performance Needs

TTM offers a wide range of printed circuit board products and components to meet different electrical performance needs. TTM's experienced electrical engineering experts help customers to find optimized material and process solutions for all type of products, from cost-driven consumer applications such as high-speed digital information processing and data transferring systems/computers to emerging automotive high-speed demands as levels of autonomous driving evolve to performance-driven infrastructure applications such as a server, switch, and network equipment for advanced data center architecture. 

High-speed digital electronics evolution shows that the HSIO data rate has doubled every three years as predicted by Moore's law. The trend is expected to continue in the future. Consequently, network circuit board data rates per lane are anticipated to reach 100 Gbps; this is driven by the evolution of switch-interconnects and computer-type PCBs. Higher lane-speed, together with lower insertion loss requirements, multi-level signaling, and smaller noise margins, require improved signal integrity through the transmission line at PCB to enable next-generation high-speed digital products' electrical functionality. 10 Gbps and above data rate in automotive data transferring systems are needed due to the increasing amount of data from sensors, vehicle-to-everything (“V2X”) communications, infotainment systems, etc. Increasing data rates, together with industry trends like smaller scaling factors and more complex design attributes, require collaboration through the supply chain. TTM works closely with our customers, industry partners, universities, and research institutes to develop and implement material and process technologies for current and future PCBs to meet electrical performance requirements.

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