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Management Trainee Program

This Program Cultivates Outstanding Leadership, New Ideas, and Innovations at TTM.

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TTM’s Management Trainee ("MT") Program

Opportunities to join TTM’s Management Trainee (MT) program occurring each year. Each MT’s learning journey takes them through various experiences in various departments, giving them a well-rounded understanding of the business before choosing an area of specialization.

What does TTM’s Management Trainee Program look like?

Each MT participant is exposed to a number of major business/operation functions for on-the-job training for a period of six months, before ultimately choosing their area of specialization.

Management takes time to invest in the MT participants' career development, offering ongoing guidance and mentorship throughout the program.

To further develop presentation and public speaking skills, MT participants have to provide regular presentations, and project status reports to the management team.

TTM hosts several activities to enhance networking among management trainee participants to provide an enriched experience and foster a spirit of collaboration.

MT participants on job rotation learn a variety of key processes.
Each MT participant gains broad experience and operations knowledge through job rotation.
MT participants receive coaching and mentorship from the Management team on an ongoing basis.
MT participants provide project updates and presentations to managers regularly throughout the program.
Networking with peers and connecting with others are key parts of the MT experiences at TTM.

Wide-Ranging Experience; Empowered Career Paths

The rotation experience is six months, at which point each participant decides which department and position they are best suited for as a long-term assignment. Our MT participants become highly knowledgeable in a short period. They gain exposure to a broad range of processes and operations. In addition, TTM maps out a learning journey that continues to build leadership and professional development skills based on the chosen career path of an individual.

Shirley Wen
Quality Engineering Manager, AP, 2008 MT - HY
It’s a company with great social responsibility. Having worked here for 10 years, I am a friend to my colleagues.
Jeson Wu
CQE Engineer, 2017 MT - HY
One of the most important changes for me is, when I encounter difficulties in my work, I am now able to find solutions all by myself.
Johnny Lau
PE Assistant Manager, 2008 MT - HY
I am very grateful that I can live and work in Huizhou; TTM has provided development opportunities for me during my ten years as an employee.
Allan Cai
R&D Assistant Manager, 2010 MT- HY
As a 2010MT, it’s my honor to participate this training program, which provides a very good platform for the young to learn and improve themselves. I will set a good sample and support the training of new MT / DT.
Daniel Gu
Assistant Quality Manager, 2009 MT - SUZ
Over the past dozen years, I am highly grateful for the company’s cultivation and so proud to grow up with it where I experienced the happiness of success in the sweat. For the upcoming year of Ox, I sincerely hope our company could overcome difficulties and make still further progress.

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