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Who We Are

Life at TTM

Our Global Team Works Together to Bring Innovation to Life.

Inspiring Innovation, Every Day.

TTM Technologies is a competitive organization with an experienced team that provides employees the support they need to make the most of their skills. This commitment extends to our customer relationships. Trust, respect, and loyalty enable us to provide excellence in everything we do.

We are committed to satisfying every customer by continually improving our product quality, delivery performance, and customer service. For us, quality is not a department; it is a philosophy that motivates our entire organization.

Hear from Our Team

KH Chang (Visionary)


"Customer focus is the vision of TTM. We are devoted to developing new products, creating new innovative applications, and meeting new technological challenges with our customers."

Peggy Legrand (Boundless)


"What I really love about TTM is being encouraged to do creative problem solving, teamwork and diversity. The work is hands-on, dynamic and challenging. The possibilities as I grow in my career with TTM are limitless."

Bo Jensen (Synergistic)

Business Unit Leader

"My team and I came from the most recent TTM acquisition of Anaren Microwave. TTM is a very strong in manufacturing and operations. Anaren was an engineering company at our core and the two companies complement each other exceptionally well."

Chris Zhang (Engaging)

Human Resources

"TTM is a company that encourages innovation. We acknowledge and reward those who come up with new ideas and new initiatives. We offer choices of development paths to our employees, giving them various cross-departmental and cross-regional learning and development opportunities."

Elle He (Aspiring)

Talent & Learning

"We are committed to provide our customers professional solutions to create challenging and innovative projects, partnering with the world's industry leaders and further develop steadily with our advanced technology."

TTM Technologies is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Learn More About the Career Opportunities TTM has Waiting for You

Learn More About the Career Opportunities TTM has Waiting for You


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