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TTM Technologies has Broad Experience Bringing Advanced Automotive Technology to Market.

TTM’s Advanced Technology Solutions
Support Innovative Automotive Applications

From Connectivity to Electrification to the Next Level of Autonomy, Start with TTM


Electrified powertrain, vehicle charging stations, and energy storage are just a few applications that TTM has supported. We offer thermal management, high-current, and other solutions that enable our customers to create innovative, electric, and hybrid solutions to meet the market's needs.

Auto Interior

Vehicle-to-Everything ("V2X") connectivity and seamless, personalized experiences provided by smart devices are mega-trends that see technologies converge (networking, data storage, augmented reality, and others) in today's passenger vehicles. TTM offers comprehensive solutions and global expertise to meet the challenges posed by networking and communications applications that meet the high-reliability requirements of automotive.

Auto LiDAR

Autonomous Driving ("AD") is changing the transportation and personal mobility landscape. Smart cars that collect data through sensors, such as LiDAR, radar, and stereo cameras, make vehicles safer, more efficient and offer new options for getting from A to B.

TTM has experience with the most recognized Automotive OEMs and tier-one innovators. They embark on fully autonomous functionality and partially autonomous advanced safety applications (such as collision avoidance or parking assist).

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