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Enabling innovation and the success of our customers drive the entire global team at TTM. We are a supplier for both original equipment manufacturers and electronic manufacturing services providers. Our flexibility and a broad range of technology solutions enable us to support our customers for the entirety of their product lifecycle as a one-stop advanced technology solutions partner.

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If there is a concern with our conduct, please contact our Ethics Hotline.

A confidential way for customers, employees, and vendors to report concerns anonymously about fraud, accounting, or auditing matters that seem questionable. Staffed 24/7 by a 3rd party a professional call center not affiliated with TTM Technologies, Inc. To make a report, call the number and follow the operator's instructions.

Visit TTM's Ethics Hotline Website or Call:

  • North America: 1-800-461-9330
  • Hong Kong, SAR: 800-906-069
  • China: 500-120-3062



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