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TTM Shanghai (SH)

Over 20-years of Backplane & Systems Integration Expertise

A Wide Range of Technology Services, Including Backplane Assembly

TTM Shanghai has been operational for over 20-years and is wholly owned by TTM Technologies. TTM SH BPA provides a full range of professional services that support advanced technology electronic applications, including backplane assembly, electronic and mechanical assembly, and systems integration solutions. The area of TTM’s Shanghai facility is about 7,966 square meters with over 230 employees.

Current Opportunities

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Why Work Here?

TTM Shanghai makes communication with employees a priority; we encourage employees to put forward suggestions for process improvement in their work and opportunities to provide feedback with management, channels for employee communications include new employee meetings,  quarterly communication meeting, weekly management meetings, and others. Through these channels, we listen to the voice of employees and help find innovative solutions to challenges.

Customers have recognized TTM SH for product quality, on-time delivery, and operations management. To recognize employees and enhance engagement, we acknowledge contributions from our team with Quarterly Employee Star Awards; these stars are recognized and awarded with a special opportunity or gift as a result of their performance excellence.

Working at SH, employees can improve their skills and knowledge, but also have fun at work and getting to know their colleagues. We organize various activities for our employees, such as photography contests, sports tournaments, birthday parties, annual celebrations, and much more.

SH has a comprehensive training system. Our new colleagues receive on-the-job training and related safety knowledge. A key aspect of TTM's culture is to provide ongoing opportunities for performance review, job rotation, train-the-trainer activities, and leadership coaching to employees at all levels of our organization.


Life at TTM Shanghai (SH)

Reunion in Mid Autumn Festival at TTM SH
TTM SH has an award-winning team and a proven track record for success.
TTM SH employees receive their masks and a special thank-you.
Celebrating holidays and milestones together at TTM SH.
Collaboration and teamwork are critical to TTM SH operations.
Represent great teamwork Performance Excellence on myTTM go live.

Diversity & Inclusion

TTM’s Shanghai facility actively hires people with disabilities and provides support for inclusion and ongoing success; we offer meaningful work and social opportunities for all employees.

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Discover More about TTM


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