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TTM is a technology solutions company that works with innovative brands in diverse end markets. We provide printed circuit boards, RF/Microwave components, and engineered solutions that help bring game-changing applications to life. The work we do, day-to-day, impacts the lives of those who use those applications. TTM is the one-stop solutions provider with a proven track record for performance excellence and high reliability. From implantable medical technology to automotive safety sensors to applications bound for outer space, there is a good chance a TTM solution is enabling critical electronics.

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Why Choose a TTM Internship?

TTM interns have direct access to a mentor in their chosen field. Mentors take time to advise on projects, expand an intern’s professional network, and often maintain this ongoing relationship after the internship.


Participants in the TTM Technologies internship program are provided with projects that impact the way we do business. We look to our interns to provide real solutions to real challenges with innovative brands around the world. In addition to the meaningful projects, we allow interns to hone presentation and communications skills and gain experience working with global, cross-functional teams.


TTM designs our internships to help build participants' networks, not just with their mentor, but with their peers at other facilities and from other post-secondary institutions. TTM organizes several in-person (when possible) and live, digital mini-conferences. These opportunities include interns from other TTM sites across North America and garner participation from our colleagues and executives worldwide.

Please note that during COVID-19, TTM's travel policies have changed to ensure all employees' health and safety. We continue to provide digital resources to connect with their global colleagues and complete their projects.


TTM is proud to make offers of employment to many of the interns who have completed the program and their course of study. A number of our current employees got their start through this program and are still building their careers with us. Don’t think of this program as a summer gig; think of it as the gateway to an inspired career in technology.


Interns in San Diego during a brainstorming session
Interns at our facility in Logan, Utah presenting their robotics/automation project
Interns from TTM Salem demonstrate their automation project to the TTM Executive team
TTM Chippewa Falls, Class of 2020
“I recommend a TTM internship for any individual looking for a hands-on, self-guided experience that will challenge them, provide them with relevant experience, and provide personal development.”
TTM San Jose, Class of 2020
"I was able to learn so much from working with my partner and my mentor; everyone at San Jose was willing to provide me guidance and resources whenever needed. I would recommend a TTM internship to others, and I am considering future employment with TTM."
TTM Salem, Class of 2020
“I worked with another intern to automate an assembly process – with which we were given nearly full control over the direction of the project. […] This experience also taught me about planning ahead in order to meet deadlines.”

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