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Accelerating the ADAS Revolution with Advanced Technological Insights

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Accelerating the ADAS Revolution with Advanced Technological Insights

To build a world with safer roads, advanced driver-assistance systems (“ADAS”) is a great helping hand.  With automated technology, such as sensors and cameras, ADAS increases safety awareness and reduces driver errors, thus saving lives.  At TTM Technologies (“TTM”), we are a leading global manufacturer of technology solutions including  high-reliability printed circuit boards ("PCB”s) to OEM and tier-one automotive electronics manufacturers. With decades of proven reliability and being a trusted supplier to the automotive industry, TTM continues to help make the future of transportation smarter, smoother, and safer.

Client’s Challenge – Finding a Trusted Partner

Our customer faced a critical challenge – finding a reliable supplier who could deliver advanced PCBs on time.  Their award-winning Radar Scene Emulator effectively helps develop robust radar sensors and algorithms to realize ADAS and AV capabilities on the path to full vehicle autonomy. In order to meet their product release deadline, they needed to establish a strong bond with a trustworthy partner who could support them by providing excellent product quality and punctual delivery time.  Our world-class, customer-focused team helped them expand their business to deliver tomorrow’s test technologies today.

The Advantages of TTM’s Technologies – Delivering Expertise and Commitment

TTM started working with the client from the very beginning and was committed to solving their challenges with early design engagement from stack up, panelization review, and material selection.  TTM’s value-added services include design for manufacturing, helping enhance product yield by improving quality, reducing delivery time, and cutting costs.

Our commitment to meeting their supply challenge earned our client’s trust, and we were awarded as their PCB supplier.  We understood our customer’s specific needs and provided the outstanding support by assigning our comprehensive customer-focused team – Global Account Management (“GAM”), to work with them to realize their goals. We took steps forward to accommodate their aspirations and bring their innovations to life.
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