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10X Capability Increase in AI and Deep Learning - The Search for a COVID-19 Vaccine

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The outbreak of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that took place in early 2020 has without a doubt changed the world forever.  The way we live and work continues to change right before our eyes. Businesses of every sector have been impacted in both the immediate and long term, requiring pivots to adapt and succeed in this changing environment.  

Client's Challenge - Tight Timeframe and Extremely High Capacity Demand

During this difficult time, our team at TTM took on a project for a multinational technology company. Our client was about to launch their new flagship product with a very short lead-time that required significant production capacity coupled with very specific and challenging electrical performance requirements.  We knew that we would not only be the foundational building block that mechanically supports their work, but also carried the accountability of maintaining our client's admirable reputation despite a tight schedule just as the first outbreak happened in January, 2020.

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The Advantages of TTM Technologies - Operational Excellence Ensures Delivery Speed and Flexibility

Through our partnership with the customer and our strong relationship with suppliers, using  industry leading material sets and design to cost techniques, our team of engineers were able to deliver a 24 layer high-speed board that fulfilled the client's extremely tight impedance and insertion loss requirements for the design to function at the speed required for this high-performance application. This was a 10X capability increase of the client's previous product and was made possible by:

  • TTM’s speed and agility that allowed us to outperform our competitors amidst a global crisis
  • TTM's advanced materials development and knowledge of insertion loss testing and modelling which allowed us to provide a comprehensive technical solution
  • TTM's operations management across a large global footprint that allowed us to assemble the right combination of capability and capacity

Significant Contributions to the Future of Artificial Intelligence

The product is currently used by universities and research groups for high-speed computing in AI and deep learning in the search to develop vaccines for COVID-19.  Data crunching and analysis that used to take a year to perform is now able to be completed in days.  TTM was ideally positioned with the right level of technical expertise and operational capability to play a key role in this vital project.  We were able to achieve a smooth and successful product launch from program inception as a result of collaborative engineering engagement and effective program management.  Amongst the many benefits this product has brought, the most significant is the potential to accelerate the development and production of vaccines to help tackle the global pandemic.   TTM is proud to be able to participate in such an important venture.

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