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TTM Guangzhou (GZ)

High-Quality, Advanced Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing, since 1993.
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Highly Specialized Supplier of Printed Circuit Boards for Innovative Electronics

Guangzhou Termbray Electronics Technology Co., Ltd, a member of TTM Technologies Group, is a highly specialized supplier of printed circuit boards (PCBs), founded in 1993. TTM Guangzhou (GZ) is about 490,000 square meters in building area and employs about 3,000 staff. TTM GZ is an advanced technology printed circuit board manufacturer for automotive and other end-market applications.

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Why Work Here?

Bi-directional communication plays an important role in employees’ work and life with TTM Guangzhou. There are regular communication meetings and several open channels to solicit employee feedback and facilitate open discussion. We appreciate hearing from our employees to continuously improve our processes, products, and the experience of our teams through the implementation of innovative ideas.

TTM GZ has received recognition for achieving supplier excellence with our customer-base. Day-to-day, TTM Guangzhou recognizes outstanding performance on a frequent basis recognized. We have a number of programs whereby we actively honor our colleagues for their contributions to our site’s success. These include the General Manager Special Award, Spot Bonus, and others.

Life is good at TTM GZ! In coordination with employee clubs, Employee Union, and associations, TTM GZ organizes events and activities throughout the year to foster teamwork, enjoyment, and overall health and wellness. Examples of these activities include Mid-Autumn Festival activities, talent shows, sports tournaments, Earth Day activities, and more.

TTM GZ’s Employee Union distributes gifts for festivals and birthdays; the Union also provides means for relief and financial assistance to employees who have experienced personal challenges or health issues. 

The Staff Activity Center enriches employee life. Amenities include table tennis & billiard area, reading room, basketball court, entertainment room, to name just a few. TTM GZ has also upgraded our dormitory décor and overall canteen offerings.

TTM values continuous learning and professional development to ensure our employees are competent and empowered to invest in a long-term career path with us. Development programs are designed for employees at all levels of our organization, across the globe. Courses and programs include DDI Leadership training, train-the-trainer projects, talent review, and on-the-job training, as well as other exciting learning opportunities.

Life at TTM Guangzhou(GZ)

TTM GZ has a number of recreational activities, clubs, labor unions, and associations.
Teamwork and collaboration are a big part of TTM’s global culture.
PPE demonstration to ensure health and safety for employees.
Continuous learning and development at TTM GZ.
The team at TTM GZ takes time to celebrate special holidays and milestones.

Diversity & Inclusion

TTM GZ actively hires people with disabilities; we provide an inclusive environment and support to ensure ongoing success. We offer meaningful work and social opportunities for all employees.


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Discover More about TTM


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